Winterizing Your Car: What Are Your Options?

Winterizing Your Car: What Are Your Options?

In the winter, you need to protect your car more carefully than you did during the warmer months. Although the body of your car in the winter will be exposed to harsher weather conditions, you have really good options to protect your car. Detail USA currently has two recommended options. The one that you choose will depend on your particular budget and level of protection.

Option 1: Nano Ceramic Sealant

The nano ceramic sealant forms a true polymeric layer of modified nanoparticles, which stick to the surface of the paint. At the molecular level, the sealant fills in the porous spaces in the exterior of the paint on the surface of the vehicle. The result is that the finish of the paint takes on a rich glossiness, which is protected for many years to come.

Nano Ceramic Sealant

Unlike many organic-based products, the bonds that are created by the nano ceramic sealant are fortified by oxidation. The result is that even though oxidation ruins other treatments for preserving the paint, the nano ceramic sealant actually strengthens the coatings, which, in turn, creates extremely effective protection. The nano ceramic sealant is a great solution for your vehicle.

Land Rover with Sealant

To learn more about the nano ceramic sealant option, please read our article, Nano Ceramic Sealant – The New Standard of Care.

Option 2: HD Poxy

Providing ultimate protection for your vehicle’s paint is essential! Rainwater carries contaminants, which include acid rain and other industrial pollutants such as factory rail dust fallout; these contaminants land on your vehicle’s paint and dry, causing damage to your vehicle’s finish. Applying a durable sealant will protect your vehicle in the rainy months to come. In that case, epoxy wax is an excellent choice.

HDPoxy Sealant

HD Poxy is a hybrid paint sealant/wax. The product was designed to adhere to the paint’s surface in order to protect it and to maintain the shine. The HD Poxy will darken the vehicle’s surface and, as a result, it will create the appearance of depth and high wet-look shine. HD Poxy is extremely effective on all paint colors. In addition to the fantastic, enduring shine, the product also protects the vehicle against all elements of nature, including bird droppings, acid rain, and hard water.

BMW with Sealant

To learn more about the HD Poxy wax option, please read our article, Winterizing Your Car With HD Poxy Sealant.

We, at Detail USA, are committed to keeping our customers’ vehicles looking new. We do this by providing the services to protect your investment. To request an appointment to give your vehicle’s finish the ultimate protection for the winter, go to our Request for Appointment page. For special deals and promotions, please visit our Specials page.

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