What is Professional Mobile Detailing?

Detail USA specializes in keeping vehicles looking new by offering mobile detailing & repair services.

Detailing is the art of towel manipulation, the use of gentle products, brushes, and machines using a specific order to remove the dirt, not blend it in. As for the paint or finish, the paint and surface defects are removed to restore the shine and protect the finish.

This service is the most thorough, deep cleaning for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The astounding results that are achieved are due to the very specific order in which the interior and exterior are treated, while using only the best, most compliant cleaning and conditioning products. Combined with gentle, different-size brushes, the exterior detailing includes a thorough exterior washing; if need be, an acid-based solution will be applied to the paint to loosen fallout debris, making the next step less abrasive, which is clay bar clean molding & trimming, hand waxing and polishing metal trimmings, tail pipes, and wheels, polishing plastic lenses and plastics windows, cleaning jams, cleaning windows, and air blowing until it is perfect.

Interior, thorough vacuuming; deep cleaning and conditioning the leather, plastic, and vinyl surfaces; extracting fabric and carpets, including all mats; cleaning the headliner and seat belts; cleaning windows, displays, chrome, and wood trimmings and mirrors; and air blowing until it is perfect.

Our exterior detailing with machine polish restoration is done by first washing the exterior then, if necessary, apply an acid-based solution to the paint to loosen fallout debris, making the next step less abrasive, which is clay bar cleaning. Next, we use the 3M automotive compounds and polishes to remove deeper, fine-line scratches and swirl marks and restore shine and luster. Finally, either a 3M synthetic sealant or autoglym polish/wax is applied to add durability.

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