The Importance of Clay Bar Before Applying or Sealing Paint

The Importance of Clay Bar Before Applying or Sealing Paint

Clay Bar Magic is used to remove contaminants that adhere to the surface of the paint. It is called “clay” because the texture and qualities resemble clay. Clay Bar Magic contain polymers which safety removes surface contaminants.

There are many reasons you need to use the clay barring process before waxing and/or sealing your paint’s finish. First and most important, it will give your car the ultimate protection from the wax or sealant. In order for the wax or sealant to do its job, it needs to be applied to the paint and not on top of the contaminants. Secondly, it will allow you to see your paint’s original color. All the contaminants are a different color; over time, the contaminants or fallout (see our FAQ page regarding types of contaminants) change the shade and hide the pearl and metallic in the finish. Third, clay barring makes the finish feel silky and smooth to the touch, just like it was meant to be.

Types of Clay

There are many companies that manufacture clays. They come in various strengths, colors, and degrees of hardness. There are two different physical properties of differently manufactured clay bars. One has a real clay-like feeling and the other has a more rubbery feel to it. They both will work; however, the preferred, more expensive one is the Auto Magic brand clay bar with the real clay feel, not the one that feels like rubber. Auto Magic brand clay is the one that Detail USA uses.

Clay Bar Process

There are three important things to know about the clay barring process. First, you need to make sure the portion of the clay that has contact with the paint is clean. If anything gritty in nature gets between the rubbing surface of the clay and the surface of the paint it will cause deep scratches. Second, it is important to use the proper amount of liquid to lubricate the clay. Part of the process of claying a car is to use a lubricant, which is the clay’s medium. The lubricant will allow the clay to slide across the paint’s surface. There are many formulations out there from which to choose. If there is not enough lubricant, the clay will stick to the paint, possibly causing a stick mark stain in the paint. If too much lubricant is used, not all of the contaminants will be removed. Third, never rub the clay on rubber moldings or get it stuck in tight crevices to dry. The clay is pliable and can damage some types of exterior trimming and/or moldings by sticking. If pieces of clay are left in cracks and crevices to dry, it is sometimes impossible to remove them.

Let us come to you.  We will properly clay and  protect your vehicle; bringing out its true color, shine, and that new car smooth feel.

We, at Detail USA, are committed to keeping our customers’ vehicles looking new. We do this by providing the services to protect your investment. To request an appointment to give your vehicle’s finish the ultimate protection for the winter, go to our Request for Appointment page. For special deals and promotions, please visit our Specials page.

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