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Have you scraped your wheels?

Do you want your wheels to look shiny?

Detail USA’s mobile repair services were started because we saw a need to fill for our customers. After detailing their vehicles inside and out the damaged areas were more prevalent and bothersome. Having tried to subcontract other industry leaders in the field we soon found out they could not rise to the level of customer service Detail USA strives for. So now we offer mobile repairs for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle with the same proven reliability, professionalism and quality. We have invested in the very best compliant products which allow for same day completion.

Bumper Repair

Our amazing mobile bumper service restores your damaged bumper back to new for up to half the price of what professional body shops charge. Most bumpers cost $450 to $650 to repair and repaint. It takes approximately three hours which involves repairing the damage, painting, applying clear coat then color sanding to perfection. The vehicle can be driven once we leave! This means you are never without a car, you save half the costs and get the Detail USA guarantee of quality, reliability and professionalism.

Painted or Alloy Wheel and Rim Repair

Today’s vehicles with wide low profile tires are prone to curb rash, scrapes, and scuffs. These factory wheels are very expensive to replace. DETAIL USA has a system to repair this damages without having to remove the tire or the wheel from the vehicle. Our process can be done in the matter of a hours or less and can restore the rim to a like new condition.

Ding & Dent Removal (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair or known as PDR, is the fastest, most efficient and cost effective method for removing door dings, creases, hail damage and minor dents without using paint or fillers. Our paintless dent removal services are usually completed within 60 minutes or less. But don’t let our swift service fool you that pdr is easy. It’s not. Matter of fact paintless dent removal takes years to master and we still teach ourselves new techniques as times and vehicles change. It’s important you do your research about PDR before you just choose anyone to work on your vehicle or truck.

Dent Repair (before and after)


Door Ding Repair

Headlight Restoration Service

The glass-like finish is achieved by sanding imperfections, including pits, chips, and oxidation out of the plastic lens using special sandpapers. Next, a high-end, fast-drying, clear-coat paint is applied to add clarity and to create a glass-like protective finish. This amazing mobile service takes approximately 2 hours to complete. We bring everything we need to complete the job. Your vehicle will be ready to drive once we are finished! There is no additional care needed other than periodic waxing/sealant.

Headlight Restoration (Before and After)

Professional Paint Touch-Up

We come to you with our mobile body shop and customize the paint color to match. The damaged areas are prepared for the touch-up paint by color sanding and polishing as well as cleaning the surface. Specialized brushes and techniques are used to apply the paint. After the paint dries, we apply a quick-drying clear coat paint for a glossy shine. The service takes approximately 1 hour and is done at your location. Read more…


Interior Repair

Our mobile leather, vinyl, carpet, and upholstery repair services will keep your vehicle’s interior looking new. Common repairs include worn spots, which occur because of excessive rubbing on the same spot; burn marks; ripped or torn areas; falling or sagging headliners; and scuff marks, which are caused by shoes and other items that can scuff the interior. We use industry-leading supplies to properly restore the look of your vehicle for lasting results.

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