NO MORE WAX – Protect Your Vehicle with Nano Ceramic Coating

NO MORE WAX – Protect Your Vehicle with Nano Ceramic Coating
Do bird droppings stain your vehicle’s paint finish?
Does your vehicle become dusty right after you have washed it?
Do you constantly notice surface scratches on your vehicle no matter what you do?
Do you find yourself waxing your vehicle all of the time?

There are a few top-quality nano-coating products on the market that will protect your vehicles in the way that they need to be protected. We now carry FlightShield, a nano-coating product that will protect your vehicle even more.

What is FlightShield?

FlightShield is a crystal-clear nano-coating that was originally developed for the aerospace industry to protect and enhance the paint on aircraft. FlightShield has now expanded to the automotive and marine industry. FlightShield chemically bonds to paint to form a new surface and protective layer, which offers an ultra-smooth, high-gloss, resistant coating. The coating acts as a barrier between harmful contaminants and the surface, providing exceptional protection and gloss retention.


What you can expect if you choose FlightShield


  • Ultimate Protection:­ The product will shield your vehicle from climates and contaminants that cause premature aging of the paint, oxidation, and fading. FlightShield protects your vehicle by providing a barrier to harmful things like climate extremes, ultraviolet rays, dirt, and insects. The product cures and bonds to the surface, creating a long-lasting and durable finish. FlightShield extends the life of the paint of your vehicle by forming a protective barrier between the painted surface and the unforgiving climate, repelling contaminants and harmful environmental elements.
  • Superior Paint Revitalization: The product restores aging and faded paint to its original look and brilliance for much less than the cost of repainting your vehicle. It also removes years of oxidation and contaminants and reveals a flawless, brilliant finish.
  • Paint and Gel Coat Life Extension: FlightShiled extends the life of paint or gel coat by providing a protective barrier between the painted surface and the harsh climate, repelling contaminants and harmful environmental elements.
  • Maximized Appearance: FlightShield’s high-gloss finish sets your vehicle apart from other vehicles. It will stand among other vehicles.
  • Cleaning Expense Reduction: The product reduces your cleaning expenses by repelling contaminants that can hurt your paint finish. Your vehicle will stay clean for a longer period of time and it will need less cleaning maintenance. Another really positive feature of the product is that it is environmentally friendly. FlightShield’s dry-wash system not only eliminates the necessity for water but it reduces the number of pollutants that are in the water and that make their way onto your vehicle during the washing process.
  • Environmentally Friendly: FlightShield’s dry-wash system not only eliminates the need for water but reduces the amount of pollutants that enter waterways during conventional washing.

Why Use Nano Ceramic Coating?

FlightShield offers the ultimate, most durable showroom shine and protection against paint: fading, soiling, scratching, marring, and loss of gloss.

  1. A ceramic-polymer backbone cross-link with specially modified nanoparticles within a three-dimensional matrix on the surface to provide the ultimate in durability and gloss.
  2. The second element in each coating product works to lower surface energy while imparting anti-static properties, thereby creating oil, water, and dust (atmospheric debris) repellency.
  3. A third component adds elasticity to the hardness of the micro-coating that functions to prevent scratches from permanently marring the paint, e.g., surface swirl marks, by allowing the affected area to re-form on exposure to heat from the sun. (This “self-healing” property is maximized in our Pro’s Choice coatings, particularly PermaGloss).
  4. Element 4 is a special polymer that levels the protective surface and assists in the “self-healing” process while contributing to the highest degree of chemical resistance.
  5. And the 5th key element, another unique polymer, is a UV absorber, which also re-emits UV as heat and light of longer wave lengths.

When to apply

When it comes to applying, the surface must be in as new condition as possible. The coating is a gloss enhancer and will magnify the finish. Nano ceramic coating needs to be applied to a clean, scratch-free surface. A vehicle fresh off the factory floor or after proper paint correction is ready for application.

How to apply

The top coat needs to be applied to a silicone-free finish. It must be applied to a cool surface and in a well-ventilated area. Nano Ceramic Coating is applied with a microfiber applicator using a pattern-like motion. After the product sits for flashing time, it is removed with microfiber towels.


Choosing to have your vehicle coated with a nano coating will be money extremely well spent. Since your vehicle is so important to you and always will be, you want to preserve it in the best way possible for a very long time.

  • Saphire V1 by FlightShield Nano Ceramic Coating
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  1. Trevor Bari

    Bird droppings are the worst! This article immediately hit home, I also notice surface scratches on my vehicle even when I try to keep it as nice as possible. This is a really cool offer, I would love to cover my car in with flightshield, and it is a small investment when thinking about the long term value of your car.

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