Nano Ceramic Coating – The New Standard in Car Care

Nano Ceramic Coating – The New Standard in Car Care
Are you worried about bird droppings staining your vehicle’s paint finish?
Are you tired of your vehicle getting dusty after a wash?
Do you have problems keeping your vehicle scratch free?
Are you tired of waxing your car?

In that case, you may want to have a nano ceramic coating applied to your vehicle. The results will be amazing!

What does the nano ceramic coating do?

The nano ceramic coating forms a true polymeric layer of modified nanoparticles, which stick to the surface of the paint. At the molecular level, the coating fills in the porous spaces in the exterior of the paint on the surface of the vehicle. The result is that the finish of the paint takes on a rich glossiness, which is protected for many years to come.

Unlike many organic-based products, the bonds that are created by the nano ceramic coating are fortified by oxidation. The result is that even though oxidation ruins other treatments for preserving the paint, the nano ceramic sealant actually strengthens the coatings, which, in turn, creates extremely effective protection. The nano ceramic coating is a great solution for your vehicle.

Want a guarantee of 7 years of paint protection?

About Matrix Micro-Coatings Nano Ceramic Coating

Matrix Micro-Coatings manufactures unique and innovative ceramic-like polymer coatings for car owners and car enthusiasts. Starting with breakthrough polymer chemistry, it uses advanced nanoparticle technology to provide maximum enhancement and protection of automotive finishes.

The Matrix Micro-Coatings answer involves a novel, innovative approach to solving this problem while giving you lifetime enjoyment of your vehicle’s appearance. The Matrix Micro-Coatings solution consists of a family of non-silicone-based resins that use the latest advances in nanoparticle technology to form protective, glossy layers of ceramic-like matrices on vehicle finishes, including; paint (clear coat) and glass.

Matrix Micro-Coatings Nano Ceramic Sealant

Why Use Nano Ceramic Coating?

Matrix Micro-Coatings products impart the ultimate, most durable showroom shine and protection against paint: fading, soiling, scratching, marring and loss of gloss.

  1. A ceramic polymer backbone cross-link with specially modified nanoparticles within a three-dimensional matrix on the surface to provide the ultimate in durability and gloss.
  2. A second element in each coating product works to lower surface energy while imparting anti-static properties, thereby creating oil, water, and dust (atmospheric debris) repellency.
  3. A third component adds elasticity to the hardness of the micro-coating that functions to prevent scratches from permanently marring the paint, e.g., surface swirl marks, by allowing the affected area to  re-form on exposure to heat from the sun.  (This “self-healing” property is maximized in our Pro’s Choice coatings, particularly PermaGloss).
  4. Element 4 is a special polymer that levels the protective surface and assists in the “self-healing” process while contributing to the highest degree of chemical resistance.
  5. And the 5th key element, another unique polymer, is a UV absorber, which also re-emits UV as heat and light of longer wave lengths.

Nano Cearmic Sealant

When to apply

When it comes to applying, the surface must be in as new condition as possible. The sealant is a gloss enhancer and will magnify the finish. Nano ceramic coating needs to be applied to a clean, scratch-free surface. A vehicle fresh off the factory floor or after proper paint correction is ready for application.

How to apply

The top coat needs to be applied to a silicone-free finish. It must be applied to a cool surface and in a well-ventilated area. Nano Ceramic Coating is applied with a microfiber applicator using a pattern-like motion.  After the product sits for flashing time, it is removed with microfiber towels.


Choosing to have your vehicle coated with a nano ceramic coating will be money extremely well spent. Since your vehicle is so important to you and always will be, you want to preserve it in the best way possible for a very long time.

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  1. Sierraglow

    Plenty of factors including climatic conditions, bird droppings, etc. pose a threat to the exterior beauty of vehicles. Nano ceramic sealant seems like the perfect solution to protect vehicle exteriors. Very informative article!

  2. optishine

    Factors affecting car paints are Sunlight, water, harmful chemicals and scratches. But due to Nano technology care of Car Paint will be very easy and safe. Thank You for Posting this…Keep Posting.

  3. Where may I buy your product

  4. Very nice and helpful article.I want to do nano-ceramic coating so can you tell me what is the approximate cost and for how long means for how many months does it lasts?

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