Do You Need Professional Paint Touch-Up?

Do You Need Professional Paint Touch-Up?
Is your vehicle looking rough around the edges?
Do you want your vehicle to look its best without spending a fortune at a body shop?
Are the bumps and bruises taking away from your vehicle’s appearance?

Having the option of mobile professional paint touch-up is a great convenience for all vehicle owners. If your vehicle has a bumper scuff, scratch, chip or any other minor paint damage, the mobile paint touch-up experts can fix it quickly and easily.

How do you tell if you need mobile professional paint touch-up?

If your car is looking a bit weathered, perhaps it’s a few years old and the occasional bumps and bruises are beginning to add up; a mobile professional paint touch-up service can help to rewind those years to make your car look its best.

Perhaps the value of your vehicle versus the value of auto  body work just doesn’t make sense for a costly repair. A Professional hand-painted, touch-up service may be the solution you are looking for.

Many people try to do it themselves with touch-up paint from the dealership; however, there is preparation and finish work that is needed to accomplish perfect results. Specialized touch-up brushes, paint matching, and color sanding and polishing techniques are needed as well.

Touch-up is for vehicles that have minor nicks, scratches, and chips where the paint is missing, where the paint has been nicked off, rubbed off, chipped off, or scrapped off.  These areas include the edges of the doors and around door handles, bumpers and side panels, door fenders and quarter panels. This type of damage occurs from doors being opened into other car doors and walls and slight brushes with other objects like trash cans, bicycles, etc. Bumpers often get slightly damaged from brushes with other cars, walls, poles, etc.

Why is a professional paint touch-up a good choice?

Without proper preparation, paint touch-up just won’t look right and it just won’t last. When it comes to the techniques used to touch up your vehicle’s original paint job, it is important to keep in mind that Detail USA follows a process so that the job is done properly and professionally.

Touch-Up Paint Before and After 3

The process that Detail USA uses is as follows:

  • Obtain your vehicle’s paint
  • Test the paint to ensure that it matches and test it on a part that is not on your vehicle
  • Choose the best painting conditions
  • Prepare your vehicle
  • Color sand & polish damaged areas
  • Put on the base coat of your vehicle’s paint
  • Put on a clear coat over the base coat
  • Apply wax (the purpose of this is to make the paint shine)

Detail USA comes into our mobile body shop and customizes the paint color to match. The damaged areas are prepared for the touch-up paint by color sanding and polishing as well as cleaning the surface. Specialized brushes and techniques are used to apply the paint. After the paint dries, we apply a quick-drying clear coat paint for a glossy shine. The service takes approximately 1 hour and is done at your location. The service costs from $150 to $350 depending on the extent of the damage.


If you love your vehicle and want to keep it looking like new for a very long time, it is well worth spending the money on a mobile professional paint touch-up service. When you see the results of our work, you will wonder why it took you so long to do it in the first place.

  • Mobile Professional Paint Touch-Up
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To request an estimate, please fill out the Request an Estimate form and attach 4-6 photos of the areas of your car that need touch-up.


  1. Rose Laudiato

    Our clients often ask us about why they need a professional to paint their car, and this article would give a lot of ideas, thank you!

  2. Hi,
    I scrapped the right underside of my car. No dents, just need sanding and touch up paint. Do you offer this service? Can you give me quote on the price and do you come to the house?

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