How to Clean Wheels and Rims

How to Clean Wheels and Rims

Wheels are made from different metals and are coated with many different finishes. Most common are chrome plated, powder-coated, steel/alloy painted wheels. In order to remove the dirt and brake dust from every part of the wheel, it takes just the right brushes and products.

There are three brushes needed and two types of liquid cleaning products used, depending on the type of wheel and the finish. The brushes include one for deep inside, one for the center hub portion, and one for the face. The products include Wheel/Tire Clean and a stronger, acid-based product called Wheel Brightener.

The “rule of thumb” is if it is a factory wheel, it can be cleaned with Wheel Brightener. If not, or you are unsure, use Wheel/Tire Clean. To get to every part of the wheel, we clean four specific parts: the deep inside, center hub, face, and the spaces between the lug nuts.

How to Clean Wheels and Rims Detailed VideoIf you would like to learn exactly how to use the brushes and products, we have made a high-quality, detailed, HD “how to” video. basketDetail USA brush and supply kits are also available for purchase. Click on the basket to see our kit.


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