How to Clean Car Windows Perfectly Without Streaks and Chemicals

How to Clean Car Windows Perfectly Without Streaks and Chemicals

Everyone knows that cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass is very difficult. Streaks, hazing, smudges, and missed spots are some of the most common problems. These common problems are caused by towels, products, and surface temperatures.  Most towels leave marks and do not clean adequately and leave a residue.

The secret to perfect windows, mirrors, glass is the type of towel and motions used. With years of cleaning car windows I have found the old fashioned clean cloth diaper combined with only clean water works best.

The problem with using newspaper or paper towels to clean your vehicle is that they rip and are much too weak to do any serious cleaning. Terry cloth and microfiber towels do not provide flush or complete flat contact on the surface due to the thread type and pattern.

Windshield Cleaning Before and After

Old-fashioned cloth diapers have the perfect grip for cleaning, absorbency to leave the surface the proper wetness and temperature and the perfect softness for dry buffing to remove streaks, haze and smudges. Using an overlapping pattern motion with firm pressure and rapid speed will leave windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces flawless.

The motion, pressure, and speed, combined with the diaper equals flawless windows, mirrors, and glass. Firm pressure ensures a good clean, the motion ensures no missed spots, and speed ensures no streaks. The motion involves using a crosscheck type of pattern “outline and fill in.”  This is done in one swift motion and repeated two times using the two sides of the diaper.

The diapers, water, and motion used to produce flawlessly clean windows, mirrors, and glass is a process that took years of trial and error to perfect.


  • Exactly how wet you get the diaper depends of the amount of heat that you generate. It needs to be wet enough so that it does not dry before the second pass.
  • Use the stitching to remove stubborn spots.
  • “100% dry” mean “100% dry.“ You will not get perfect results if the last pass is not 100% dry.
  • The window surface should feel smooth and the towel should glide over the glass’ surface and not stick on the last pass.
  • If cleaning all of the windows’ exterior and interior, start with the exterior but also develop a good order so you don’t miss any windows. “Outline and fill in in one direction and then the other direction.”
  • Put the windows down and do the top edge.
  • We also clean the mirrors, display windows, chrome handles, wood trimming, metal belt buckles, and headrest posts with this technique.

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    How to clean car windows without streaking remains a mystery to most people. Most people find themselves chasing their tales in search of the perfect window cleaner that will finally give them streak free windows in their car.

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