Do You Have Difficulty Seeing While Driving at Night?

Do You Have Difficulty Seeing While Driving at Night?

Oxidized or damaged lenses can reduce night vision by as much as 70%!  Diminished visibility can lead to accidents. Driving at night can be difficult in and of itself for many, especially for people who have vision impairment. Dull, faded, cloudy, or oxidized lenses make a vehicle look old and neglected; this is particularly bad for resale value. A headlight restoration service is often mistaken for a detailing service. However, the professional method of restoration requires auto body prep as well as professional painting products, equipment, and supplies. The result is a brilliant, long-lasting clarity. Headlight Before

What Causes Lens Damage?

When it comes to the exterior of a vehicle, the headlight plastic lens is one of the first parts to deteriorate.  There are a few reasons for this. One is that not many detailers or vehicle owners apply any type of protectant, such as a wax or sealant, to protect them. The other reason is the heat created from the light bulb. Finally, normal wear and tear from not being garaged and the headlights being exposed to the natural elements. All of these factors are what cause the plastic headlight lens to get damaged over time.

Types of Damage

The most common damage is oxidation, which is defined as any chemical reaction in which a material gives up electrons, as when the material combines with oxygen. Burning is an example of rapid oxidation; rusting is an example of slow oxidation. (See combustion and reduction.) This causes the plastic lens to appear cloudy, faded, or discolored. Pitting and scratching are other types of damage that can occur, usually from long-distance highway driving and driving behind other vehicles on dirty roads or being caught in a sand storm.

How is it Restored?

The glass-like finish is achieved by sanding imperfections, including pits, chips, and oxidation, out of the plastic lenses using special sandpapers. Next, a high-end,  fast-drying, clear coat paint is applied to add clarity and to create a glass-like protective finish. This amazing mobile service takes approximately 2 hours to complete. All necessary material and tools to complete the job are brought to you. Your vehicle will be ready to drive once the restoration is finished.

Headlight Restoration (Before and After)

  • Headlight Restoration Special (2 Lenses)
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We, at Detail USA, are committed to keeping our customers’ vehicles looking new. We do this by providing the services to protect your investment. To request an appointment to give your vehicle’s finish the ultimate protection for the winter, go to our Request for Appointment page. For special deals and promotions, please visit our Specials page.

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  1. Hebergeur

    If you have low contrast sensitivity, you may have problems with night driving, including difficulty seeing pedestrians walking alongside poorly lit streets. Or you might notice that your eyes tire more easily while reading or watching television.

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