General FAQ’s

Can I get a same day appointment?

There is 50/50 chance for same day appointments. Services are by appointment only, however, you can always be put on our stand by list for when we have last minute cancellations.

Do you give free estimates?


Where is your shop located?

We do not have a shop or location all services are provided at your home or work place.

Do you supply water and/or power?

Yes, we come fully equipped with water and power.

My detailing address has no parking is that a problem?

No.  We can detail the car anywhere since we have water and power on our service vehicles.

How long does it take?

3.5 to 6 hours per vehicle with two technicians.

Do you have a location I can bring my vehicle to?

Yes.  Brentwood, CA. This is not a store or shop just a location close to Detail USA’s home base.

Do you clean & scotch guard convertible soft tops?


What products do you use?

3M, Autoglym, 3D, Meguries,  Auto Magic, Pro & Auto Smart  all v.o.c environmentally compliant products & good old elbow grease.

Will my car be ready to drive immediately after the detail?


What should I do to prepare my car before it is detailed?

Please remove anything valuable, any needed receipts, electronics,  sunglasses, Bluetooth headsets and charging cords, baby seats, seat covers … that should do it.

Do you accept credit cards?


Do you do weekly washes?

yes, 3 car min.

How much should I tip?

10% to  20% or $5 to $15 per car per detail technician.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes. please visit our Gift Certificates page.

Exterior Detailing FAQ’s

Do have a canopy to keep the paint cool while working?


How do I choose which of the four exterior detail services is best for my vehicle?

If you answer yes to the following your vehicle only need a hand wax/sealant

  • My vehicle has been professionally clay bared & waxed in the past 6 months.
  • After your vehicle is washed the paint feels soft to the touch, like glass.

If you answer yes your needs our clay bar and wax/sealant:

  • My paint feels rough or bumpy to the touch.
  • I do not see any swirl marks, or deep scratches in the paint/finish after the vehicle is washed?

If you answer yes to the following your vehicle needs our clay bar, machine polish & wax/sealant:

  • You see swirl marks, over spray, water marks or water spots after vehicle is waxed
  • You see deep surface scratches after the car is waxed.

If answer yes to the following your vehicle needs our clay, color sand, machine polish & wax/sealant:

  • I have deep scratches however the paint is not missing.
  • The ones that happen when you side swipe or brush into or against a plastic trash cans or tree / branches and other hard plastic or rubber things.
  • Does your vehicles paint / finish has a lot of surface scratches, bird droppings even after it was machined polished

How do I know if the scratch on my paint can be detailed or polished out?

If a credit card or fingernail catches then it’s more than likely to deep for detailing and probably require paint work.

do you have a canopy to provide shade while working on my vehicle outside?

yes will carry canopies which keep the paint cool while applying products

How do I remove the water spots, fine line or hairline scratches on my paint?

 Our machine restoration exterior detail service. With a machine in the hands of master polishers using the best 3m products the defects with be removed and the luster restored.

What causes swirl marks?

a combination of everything being used improperly. There are specific products, applicator pads, polishers & speed settings all very important to proper swirl mark removal process.

I had my vehicle detailed a while ago and it now has swirls marks. Will you be able to remove them and not just fill them in or temporarily make them go away or disappear?

Our 3 to 4 step polish restorations will remove these unsightly distortion halo like marks. By using industry leading products, supplies, equipment and polish techniques.

What types of paint defects that can be corrected with our color/wet sanding service?

Deep scratches where the paint is not removed or your fingernail catches a little bit in the scratch. Some bird droppings that do not come out with machine polish, deep water spots or stains & oxidation. As long as the paint is intact and not chipping, peeling or cracking color sanding will dramatically even out the finish and remove deep paint blemishes.

What is fading or oxidation?

dulling or loss of shine which is caused by sun exposure and or not protecting the paint regularly. If there is no cracking or peeling of the paint this the fading dull or oxidized paint and can be restored with our machine polish restoration or color/wet sanding process.

Which scratches on my paint can be removed?

 There are many degrees of scratches which can be caused by dirty towels to scraping into things. The finer scratches that don’t grab your fingernail are removable with paint corrections such as polishing with compounds or color/wet sanding.

What is Over spray or fallout?

 anything that falls out of the sky and settles on the paint/finish and attaches or adheres well enough to not come off with regular washing or hand waxing.

What are the types of over spray and or fallout contaminants?

construction- paints, concrete, stucco, resins and other building materials. Environmental- tree/plant sap, insect & bird droppings. Industrial fallout over spray caused by pollutants spumed into the air by factories, trains, exhaust from vehicles & airplanes which eventually falls on the surface of everything . water spots and stains caused from hard calcium in water from leaking pipes usually happens in underground garages, sprinklers, water drips after car washes and sometime rain water with high acidity.

Do you clean the interior if i only choose one of the exterior services?


Can you remove bumper and or window stickers?


How do I maintain the wax/sealant after my detail?

Easily if you are the “do it yourself er “, have hired staff, think of it as a mini workout or happen to enjoy and find it and find it therapeutic. If you have time to dust the paint down daily using clean soft microfiber towels it’s best. That way you never have to get the car wet a worry about striping the wax off in the washing process. I like to think of it as dusting a piece of furniture. There are products we sell or you can buy that add shine and resist dirt to dust your paint with. For you go getters you can put together a kit. The most important thing is not to wait more than one week to wash the paint and to not use any soap which will strip the waxes and polishes off the paint. If you do it yourself use water only dry with a synthetic chamois. For more information or help putting your vehicle cleaning kit together please contact us Interior FAQ’s.

Can you remove wine, vomit and other strong smells?

yes. we have special enzyme eating products designed for that

Will my coffee stain come out of my carpets and/or fabric seat?

50 / 50 depending on how long it as been sitting

Ding/Dent Repair FAQ’s

Do I remove dents from plastic bumpers or chrome bumpers?

 No we can not remove dents from plastic or chrome bumpers.

Does dent removal affect paint(cracking or chipping)?

No. There is not any paint damage in dent removal process you will be warned ahead if there is a chance of paint damage.

How large of dent can you remove?

Each dent approach is very different. Large dents can also be removed./learn_more]

Can you come to my house or place of work?


Can you come to me and give me an estimate?

Most estimates can be given by taking few pictures of damage and email it to me.

Can you do work on site?

Yes all work will done on site for your convenience.

Can you remove dents on roof or roof rails?

Most roof and roof rails dents can be removed by different method (gluing it out)

How does dent removal process works?

 I need to get access to the dent from inside which sometimes involves drilling small access hole in hidden area (usually on 1/4 panels) and covering it with a plug afterwards

Is there a charge if you can’t remove dent?

 No. There is no charge for trying to remove a dent./learn_more]

Interior Detailing FAQ’s

What can I do if someone vomits or something fowl smelling gets in my vehicle?

“When asked by our customers what they can be done immediately after a incident happens involving a bad/strong odor we advise our customers to remove what they can by using warm water and several absorbent towels and or a wet/dry vacuum if possible to prevent seepage. When they bring the vehicle to us we be use industrial carpet/upholstery extracting machines which forces water under pressure deep into the fabric and sucks out the water & contaminants with industrial strength vacuums. We then apply a enzyme producing bacterial product. The bacterial action ingests the material and neutralizes the odor.

Wheel Repair FAQ’s

Do you have to remove the tire from the wheel?

no.not exactly. At this time there is no material available that will duplicate the brushed aluminum look or texture. However, we can match the color and make them look very similar with flat as opposed to brushed finish.

Can you fix my chrome wheels?

no. chrome wheels need to sent out to companies who can re chrome.

Can my brushed aluminum wheels be repaired?

Bumper Repair FAQ’s

Will the paint match my existing paint?

Yes. We are color match specialist!

Can I drive my vehicle when your are done?


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